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5 Reasons to See Your Dermatologist About Mole Removal October 30, 2017

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5 Reasons to See Your Dermatologist About Mole Removal, Hamilton, Ohio

Melanoma is a form of skin cancer that can develop on a mole or appear as a new growth. As such, monitoring new and existing moles should be a regular part of your personal care routine to ensure any cancerous or precancerous growths are diagnosed and treated early. Your dermatologist can also perform mole removal for anything that may not be precancerous but has a suspicious appearance. If you have a mole that meets any of these criteria, make an appointment today.

5 Reasons to Have Your Mole Checked by a Dermatologist

1. Irregular or Asymmetrical Border

An irregular border is anything that’s not round. This could be a mole with a scalloped edge, or one that’s not well-defined. Noncancerous moles are typically round with easy-to-identify borders. Typical moles should also be round — if the mole is asymmetrical, it should be seen by a doctor.

2. Large Size

mole removalLook for moles that are larger in diameter than a pencil eraser, or less than one-quarter of an inch across. Keep an eye on existing moles, even if they’re smaller, because cancer cells can develop on an existing growth.

3. Inconsistent Color

Typical moles are the same shade of brown all the way through. One that varies in color should be examined by a dermatologist and possibly removed. 

4. Changing Shape

Watch for moles that change shape or grow. This can indicate the presence of precancerous or cancerous cells, so it’s imperative to undergo mole removal as soon as possible. Your dermatologist will send the removed growth to the lab for testing.

5. New Mole

If you suddenly see a new mole, have it checked out. This development isn’t always a cause for alarm, but your dermatologist should examine it to be sure.


If you have a personal or family history of skin cancer, have several moles, or are fair-skinned, consider a yearly skin check with your dermatologist. Louis Luke Barich, MD, in Hamilton, OH, offers skin care treatments for medical and cosmetic needs, from acne to eczema and mole removal to skin cancer treatments. Dr. Barich has the experience and expertise to put your mind at ease, and his friendly staff will treat you with compassion and respect. Call (513) 863-3555 or send a message online to request your appointment today.

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