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3 Important Pet Care Reminders for Winter November 8, 2017

Milford, Milford
3 Important Pet Care Reminders for Winter, Milford, Ohio

There are some steps you should be taking to protect your pet throughout the cold season, even if they seem perfectly healthy all winter long. The veterinarians at Milford Animal Hospital have shared a few simple recommendations to keep your furry friend healthy and happy this winter. Since your pet can’t speak to you and tell you when they are uncomfortable, preventive pet care is the best way to keep them safe.

Follow these simple pet care tips to protect your beloved family member throughout the winter:

  • pet careMake a Warm Nest: Your animal needs somewhere comfortable and warm to sleep. If they usually sleep outside or in an unfinished space like the garage, give them a spot out of the elements. They should have bedding that’s raised so they are not sleeping on a cold or damp floor. If applicable, line their kennel with rugs for insulation.
  • Keep Them Dry: Going outside in the cold with a damp coat makes animals cold, just like people with wet heads. If you give your pet a bath, make sure they are completely dry before you take them outside. Bring a towel with you on any walks so you can dry them off as well as possible if they get wet while they’re outside. If your furry friend has short hair, consider buying them a coat.
  • Visit the Vet: Your pet should be going into the animal clinic for a checkup once or twice a year, even if they seem perfectly healthy. Their doctor will do bloodwork and preventive checks. Although many pet owners believe they would know if their beloved animal was sick, pets often manifest few noticeable symptoms. In light of this, regular exams are crucial.

Contact Milford Animal Hospital at (513) 831-5530 to schedule a checkup or ask about any other pet care measures you should be taking this winter. The doctors and other team members are dedicated to your animal’s health and happiness, and they know just what your furry friend needs to stay well. To learn more about their services, visit their website.