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5 Signs You Need to Replace Your Well Pump October 31, 2017

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5 Signs You Need to Replace Your Well Pump, Nogal, New Mexico

A properly functioning well pump is key to the efficiency and safety of a home. Responsible for providing your home with water, a well pump draws water from an underground supply and delivers it to a storage tank to be pressurized. When this unit becomes damaged, a slew of issues can occur. By replacing an inefficient or outdated well pump, homeowners can avoid water pump issues down the road.

5 Signs You Need a New Well Pump

1. Poor Water Pressure

If no or little water comes out of your sink faucet, your unit needs to be replaced. Sometimes, low water pressure can be fixed by mending a broken pipe, unclogging a plumbing line, fixing a blown fuse, or patching a leak in the expansion tank. However, these issues can best be resolved by installing a new well pump, especially if your tank is over 10 years old.

2. Odd Noises

Noisy, strange sounds are a telltale sign that your well pump needs to be replaced. Loud grinding or churning noises are one of the first warnings that a well pump is deteriorating from the inside out and beyond repair.

3. Discolored Waterpump

Brown or yellow water discharging from a faucet indicates your well pump is filled with rust and is likely leaking. As drinking dirty or contaminated water can be life-threatening, it is crucial to call a well company to replace your pump before doing any dishes, laundry, or cooking. 

4. Perpetually Running Water

If your water pump is constantly running, it may have suffered some internal damages. When a water pump’s impeller, bearing, or seal become broken or worn down, the pump is unable to reach its cut-off pressure. Other times, a leaky foot valve can prevent a water pump from properly recessing. In both instances, it is time to upgrade your water pump.

5. An Expensive Energy Bill

If your energy bill is on the rise, it may be beneficial to invest in a new well pump. To properly operate, an older well pump must use much more energy to maintain an efficient water pressure. This increased energy use directly results in an increased monthly electricity bill. Save money in the long run by replacing your faulty well pump with a new one.

If you need a new well pump in the Nogal, New Mexico, area, contact Usrey Drilling. This family-owned business has performed several licensed pump installations and water pump repairs for their clients. This certified well company is committed to serving commercial and residential clients with affordable prices, innovative drilling techniques, and reliable workmanship. Call (575) 257-8584, and visit them online to schedule your next premium pump service.

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