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How to Buy Pet Food for Your Cat November 1, 2017

Washington Heights, Manhattan
How to Buy Pet Food for Your Cat, Manhattan, New York

If you are the proud owner of a new cat, you might be wondering what kind of pet food to buy for your family’s addition. There are so many options out there that it can be difficult to choose between them. Below, Pet Fashion and Grooming, of New York, NY, shares some tips to help you determine the right cuisine for your cat.

Find a Nutritional Food

The first factor to consider when you're shopping for pet food is nutrition. Cats are carnivores, so whatever you buy should have a high meat content with fewer grains. An all-natural food with no preservatives will provide maximum dietary benefits. Check up on a brand's record to make sure there's no history of health issues associated with it, before purchasing.

Choose Between the Different Types

Pet FoodAmong pet food selections, there are two primary types: dry and canned. While dry food is more affordable and can be nutritious, it usually pales in comparison to canned options. Cats often do not drink enough water, so if they eat dry food, they’re more susceptible to dehydration. Canned cat food can increase their water intake. 

Consider Your Cat

Finally, consider your specific cat and its needs. Is your cat over or underweight? In either case, you may need to consult with a veterinarian about the best type of food, and they may prescribe a special formula.

If you're looking for the perfect pet food for your cat, Pet Fashion and Grooming carries a variety of top brands. They also have an animal clinic with veterinarians who will help you determine what's best for your cat. Contact them today at (347) 726-9409 to learn more about the types of food they have in stock, and or visit their website for more details on their services.

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