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3 Reasons Seniors Should Choose In-Home Dental Services November 6, 2017

Central Park, Manhattan
3 Reasons Seniors Should Choose In-Home Dental Services, Manhattan, New York

Getting older can be a difficult process. You may find that you are more tired and cannot move as easily as you once did. It may be difficult to get around, run errands, or make appointments to see your doctor or dentist. Smiles Delivered, in New York, NY, understands how challenging it can be for seniors and other individuals with limited mobility to get to their appointments. That’s why they offer in-home dental services, where a trained dentist and hygienist come to your home to perform oral exams, teeth cleanings, and other forms of general dentistry.

3 Reasons Seniors Should Choose In-Home Dental Services

1. Convenience

in-home-dental-services-new-york-nyMost seniors do not drive or own a vehicle, and many have difficulty navigating public transportation on their own. This can make traveling to a dentist appointment an arduous task, and it can become expensive if they choose to travel using a taxi or car service. In-home dental services remove the hassle by having the dentist come to you. Your dentist and hygienist will bring the X-ray machine, cleaning tools, and dental chair to your home so you can get the care you need without the inconvenience.

2. Security

Traveling to and from the dentist can also put you at risk. In addition to the potential dangers of using public transportation, seniors are more vulnerable to slips and falls, particularly if you have received some form of sedation. With dentistry performed right in your home, you do not have to worry about getting home from your appointment or whether you are feeling drowsy after a procedure. You can simply lie down to rest after your appointment or continue enjoying your day.

3. Affordable Pricing

Many seniors are hesitant to use in-home dental services because they are worried it may cost too much or will not be covered by Medicare. However, no dental services are covered by Medicare. Additionally, companies such as Smiles Delivered do their best to provide affordable pricing so you can get the care you need, without breaking the bank.

If you are a senior interested in giving in-home dental services a try, call Smiles Delivered at (917) 383-0933 to schedule service. The convenient service brings dental care right to your door with no hassle. For more information on their services and pricing, visit them online today.

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