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5 Benefits of New Home Construction & Custom Homes November 1, 2017

Bayfield, Bayfield
5 Benefits of New Home Construction & Custom Homes, Bayfield, Wisconsin

Many house hunters purchase a listing only to find its features come up short. This is why building a custom home is becoming increasingly popular. While every detail will be tailored to your needs, you’ll enjoy a wealth of other benefits as well. 

Why You Should Opt for a Custom Home

1. It’s Customized

custom homeHome builders allow you to establish your ideas for a design before building begins. This includes floor plans, paint colors, flooring, and exterior materials. Rather than replacing existing details, you can get it right the first time with a new build. 

2. It’s Up to Code

Buying an older home means you’ll have to pay for home inspections and make changes if areas aren’t up to code. Electrical wiring, plumbing, roofing, and flooring are common upgrades. With a new, custom home you know these elements are safe and efficient. 

3. It Comes With a Warranty

Builders understand newly constructed homes may require some minor repairs within the first few years, which is why most offer one-year warranties. For example, if you experience a roof leak during this window, the builder will pay for the repairs.

4. Financing Is Easier

Construction businesses have their own mortgage companies or work closely with specific mortgage brokers. Homebuyers have the advantage of financing perks, such as no closing costs and free appliances.

5. There Can Be More Concessions

Building contractors want your business, so it’s easier to get them to make concessions on price and features than sellers who are emotionally attached to a used property. New home builders also have more financial flexibility, so they’re more likely to lower the price to get it sold.


If you have your own lot of land and need a reliable building contractor to turn your dream home into reality, Dahl Construction in Bayfield, WI, has the experience and skills to handle the job. With more than 40 years of experience, they specialize in home renovations and additions, roofing, and custom homes. Call (715) 779-3600 or visit their website to learn more.

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