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3 Fantastic Options for Your Shower Remodeling Project November 2, 2017

St. Peters, St. Charles
3 Fantastic Options for Your Shower Remodeling Project, St. Peters, Missouri

After a long day, it can be incredibly relaxing to take a nice, hot shower. That warm stream of water can help relieve tense muscles, eliminate stress, and leave you ready to enjoy your evening after work. However, if you have a bathroom you’re not fond of, the experience may not be as relaxing as you’d hoped.

At Comfort Plus Baths in Saint Peters, MO, their team wants to help restore that sense of serenity in your bathroom. Below, they share a few fantastic remodeling options that will take your space from boring to wonderful:

  • Shower Surround: If you’re looking to create a feeling of privacy without sacrificing the comfort of a walk-in shower, this is the perfect option for your bathroom. With a surround, the entire bathing space is enclosed, leaving only the glass door accessible to the bathroom. Not only does this help create a more private feeling, but it also helps keep the interior warmer by adding more insulation against the walls.
  • ShowerWalk-In Option: If you’ve ever tripped over the side of a tub trying to enjoy your relaxing bath, you know that having a walk-in option would be ideal. This simple bathroom remodel gets rid of that pesky ledge into the tub and allows you to walk straight into a warm cascade of water. Best of all, the space is easier to clean, as you have no curved walls to scrub free of hard water and tub rings.
  • Full Bath Remodel: Maybe you have a bathtub you don’t like or a shower enclosure you can’t stand. No matter what your situation may be, an experienced remodeling team can transform your existing space into the bath of your dreams. Incorporating a separate soaking tub into your bathroom without eliminating your shower stall allows you to enjoy both forms of relaxing and get the most out of your space.

If you’re looking to upgrade your bathroom to a comfortable shower space, contact the team at Comfort Plus Baths. Their dedicated contractors will work with you to plan an ideal remodel that incorporates all the comforts you expect in your home. Learn more about their work online, and call (636) 928-4300 to schedule a consultation today.

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