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How to Use Custom T-Shirts to Promote Your Business November 6, 2017

Cincinnati, Cincinnati, OH
How to Use Custom T-Shirts to Promote Your Business, Cincinnati, Ohio

Starting a new business is costly, and not every owner has the budget for a lot of advertising. Sure, word of mouth is great, but so is exposure. Custom T-shirts are a great way to get your business’s name out to the public, but how exactly do they help?

T-Shirts Are a Great Visual Reminder

Potential customers are more likely to remember your business name when it’s paired with a catchy slogan, funny tagline, or unique design. People often forget what they hear, but visuals, however, tend to stick with people.

Custom T-Shirts Are Like Walking Billboards

custom t-shirtsExcept with T-shirts, your billboard is constantly moving and exposing new people to your business. Not only will people see your T-shirts in person, but they may also see them being worn on social media. Having people wear custom T-shirts is like having an ad agency and marketing team working for you 24/7. You’ve continually got someone working overtime every time the T-shirt is worn (but without paying overtime). 

They’re a Great Conversation Starter

Not only will prospective customers ask about your company when they see your custom T-shirts, but potential employees will too. Employees wearing the T-shirts will have the opportunity to brag about your company and the positives of working there. Even if the person asking about your shirt doesn’t use your business, they may tell someone who will.


Got a custom T-shirt idea for your business? Siefert's Sports Center in Cincinnati, OH, will help! They’ve been creating custom T-shirts, company and high school apparel, custom team uniforms, and other merchandise since 1979. All work is done on-site, and their customer service can’t be beat. Call Siefert’s Sports Center at (513) 445-4057, or check them out online to see how they will help your business.

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