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Roofing Contractor Shares 3 Signs the Roof Is Failing October 27, 2017

Onalaska, La Crosse County
Roofing Contractor Shares 3 Signs the Roof Is Failing, Onalaska, Wisconsin

At some point in time, the roof over your head may get old or suffer some damage. But what can you do to avoid it from failing? According to the experienced roofing contractors at Coulee Region Roofing & Siding in Onalaska, WI, there are several signs to watch out for to know if your roof needs repair or replacement. 

Roofing Contractor’s Top 3 Signs for Repair

1. A Leak in the Attic

If you find a leak in the attic after a rainstorm, your roof may be beginning to wear. The flashing in your roof joints could be deteriorating or there’s an inadequate underlayment of the shingles. Getting a repair or replacement ensures the roof stays sturdy during future storms and keeps the rest of your home dry.

2. Blistering or Peeling Paint

Iroofing contractorf you have paint blistering or peeling, moisture is trapped in the walls. This is caused by poor ventilation in your attic, which causes the temperature and humidity in your house to rise. Air needs to flow freely in your attic, and there should be vents that send heat outside, especially in rooms such as the kitchen and bathroom.

3. Mold, Mildew, or Stains on Ceilings & Walls

Stains on the ceilings and walls could mean your roof has bad shingle underlayment or poor ventilation. The faulty shingles or ventilation allows water to seep into your home. If the problem gets worse, excessive moisture will continue to build up and mold and mildew may grow inside the house, causing serious issues with the air quality.

If you’ve experienced any of these signs, you’ll need roof repairs or replacement right away. Residents in Onalaska rely on the roofing contractors at Coulee Region Roofing & Siding for all their repair needs. Visit them online or call today at (608) 780-5582 to get an estimate.

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