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How Planning for Industrial Hardware Maintenance Saves Money November 2, 2017

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How Planning for Industrial Hardware Maintenance Saves Money, Dalton, Georgia

Industrial hardware is designed for some heavy lifting — but over time, it’ll wear out. As a business owner, you have two choices: you can respond to each crisis as it occurs, replacing components on an unpredictable schedule, or you can get a head-start on your maintenance. While the latter may sound like an unnecessary expense, scheduled replacements and repairs will actually save you money.

Why Owners Wait

Industrial HardwareWhen you wait for components to break down before replacing them, you may eke a few more weeks, months, or years out of a piece of hardware. When parts last a long time, you won’t have to spend as much on replacements. The problem is, even with proper use and care, you often have no control over when they break down.

The Cost of Waiting

An emergency shutdown is more expensive than maintenance during scheduled downtime. Something as inconsequential as pipe fittings failing at the wrong moment can shut down your entire facility, which is a much larger expense than replacing the fittings themselves. You lose production time, but you’ll still have to pay labor costs for the employees standing around unable to work — not to mention rush fees on the repair service and any equipment needed.

The Benefit of Planning

When you invest in scheduled maintenance, you have control. You can get the work done all at once during downtime and significantly decrease the risk of unexpected shutdowns. This way, you can minimize unused labor costs, maximize production, and bump up your bottom line.




If you own a production facility, figure maintenance costs into your planned expenses, and don’t skimp on your industrial hardware. Caylor Industrial Sales in Dalton, GA, will help you invest in upkeep so you save money in the long run. The staff offers a full range of industrial hardware to keep your facility running smoothly. In addition to their standard items, such as pipe fittings, air regulators, and industrial valves, they offer custom-machined parts to order. For any questions, get in touch at (706) 226-3198, or visit them online to view their catalog of products.

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