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What Is a Mattress Pad & How Do You Know If You Need One? November 7, 2017

Mason, Warren
What Is a Mattress Pad & How Do You Know If You Need One?, Mason, Ohio

A mattress pad is an extra layer of bedding some people put on top of their mattresses, usually below a fitted sheet. They’re also known as bed-toppers and can serve a variety of purposes: Most of them make mattresses softer, though some are also designed to offer protection. The right one can drastically change the texture of a bed, so it’s worth looking into the different products available. 

Mattress Pad Features

mattress padIf your bed is too firm, you might have a more comfortable sleeping experience with a memory foam pad, which conforms to your body shape, or an eggshell-style model, which helps distribute your weight more evenly. Some can also be heated for extra comfort during the cold winter months. And if someone in your home struggles with incontinence, such as small children, waterproof options are ideal, as they prevent liquid from being absorbed by the mattresses. Usually, they are designed to replicate the look of fitted sheets but have light padding as well.

Do I Need a Mattress Pad?

If you’re not completely satisfied by your mattress, the solution isn’t necessarily to buy a new one, especially if it’s only a few years old. For many people, a simple bed-topper is enough to solve their issues. You might also want a mattress pad to protect your sleeping space from dust, mites, or pet dander if you have allergies and don’t want your bed absorbing contaminants.


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