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3 Simple Steps for Washing Down Comforters November 7, 2017

Mason, Warren
3 Simple Steps for Washing Down Comforters , Mason, Ohio

From deterring dust mites to preventing pneumonia, the benefits of keeping your bed clean are countless. Along with your pillowcases, shams, and sheets, it is crucial to wash your down comforter to ensure safe, serene sleep throughout the week. But doing so isn’t as simple as throwing it in the washer; there are several steps you should take when approaching this task. 

How to Wash Down Bedding 

1. Remove Stains

Before washing your down comforter, get rid of any spots and smudges with a stain remover or laundry detergent. Simply spray the affected area with the treatment, then let the solution absorb into the fabric for a few hours. If a blemish is especially large, assist the cleaning agent by gently rubbing the remover into the down bedding.  

2. Wash It on Delicate

Next, fully cleanse your comforter in a large, front-loading washer. To protect it from being handled harshly, select the gentle cycle and warm water. If need be, run the rinse cycle twice to remove any soapy residue. 

3. Dry Your Down Comforter

down comforterAfter all detergent has been removed, load the comforter into a high-capacity dryer. To preserve the condition of your down comforter, set the appliance to low heat. Alternatively, air-dry the comforter by laying it on a flat surface under the warm rays of the sun. After a few hours, flip it over to eliminate any remaining moisture. Once thoroughly dry, help the down disperse by separating any feathers clumped inside the fabric.


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