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Buffalo Auto Mechanics Offer Tips for Driving Safely During the Winter November 7, 2017

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Buffalo Auto Mechanics Offer Tips for Driving Safely During the Winter, Buffalo, Minnesota

Driving during the winter in Minnesota is rarely simple. Since the frigid temperatures affect the roads and nearly every mechanical part of a car, people can wind up in dangerous situations quickly. The expert auto mechanics at Buffalo Collision Repair in Wright County, MN, know the risks of the season and share advice to help drivers get through it safely.

Auto Mechanic Tips for Safe Winter Driving

Prepare a Survival Kit

Before setting out in your car, prepare a survival kit and keep it in your vehicle in case you get stuck in harsh conditions. Include snacks and water for sustenance as well as a whistle and flashlights to help you get the attention of passers-by. Keep several blankets, boots, a shovel, and road flares in the cargo compartment or trunk.

See & Be Seen

It’s critical to maintain visibility at all times while you’re driving. This means being able to see other cars and making it easier for other drivers to see you. Turn on your headlamps in inclement weather and keep snow from building up on them as well as your windshield, windows, and turn signals.

Go Slowly

Accelerate slowly and brake gently to maintain control of your vehicle. Rapid acceleration and braking can make your car skid or change direction suddenly. Take particular care when you turn your vehicle since intersections often are slick and dangerous.

Communicate Your Travels

Auto mechanicBefore you head out in your car, make sure someone knows where you’re going and the route you plan to take, and don’t deviate from this plan. If you don’t arrive at your destination by the expected time, someone will know to call the authorities and where to find you.

Be Aware of the Forecast

Always check the weather conditions before hitting the road. If the forecast calls for severe weather, postpone your trip, if possible. Check road condition and traffic alerts so you can avoid problem areas.

If you’re driving in Minnesota in the winter, take every precaution possible to avoid accidents and stay safe if you encounter trouble. If you need auto maintenance service to get your car in shape for the season or collision repair to fix it after an accident, contact the experienced auto mechanics at Buffalo Collision Repair. They will help with insurance paperwork and even provide a free courtesy car, if necessary. Call (763) 682-3135 to schedule a service appointment and visit their website for information about the business. Like them on Facebook for more tips from their auto mechanics.

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