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How Your Child Can Benefit From Ninja Classes November 15, 2017

Hawthorne, Passaic
How Your Child Can Benefit From Ninja Classes, Hawthorne, New Jersey

Regular exercise provides your child with stamina, strength, and confidence. If you’re looking for a group activity perfect for children of all ages, ninja classes are a popular and fun new option. Elite Gymnastics in Hawthorne, NJ, is the area’s premier center, offering a wide variety of exercise lessons. Here, they describe the energetic classes and explain the many benefits.

A Guide to Ninja Classes

What Are They?

Ninja classes combine martial arts, gymnastics, and break dancing. Students learn how to maneuver among obstacles and perform stunts. The group lessons begin with a vigorous warmup and then progress into learning new skills, all while having fun. Elite Gymnastics has created a program called the NinjaZone, which methodically advances students through different levels based on their training and accomplishments.

What Are the Benefits?

Ninja ClassesBecause the lessons combine many different specialties, your child receives the benefits of each. Gymnastics teaches coordination and strength, while martial arts offers discipline and develops character. In addition, students are encouraged to be creative, inventive, and flexible, which helps boost their confidence and self-esteem.

How Do I Get Started?

Since this style of fitness is relatively new, you’ll want a qualified instructor. Children between the ages of 3 and 11 are invited to enroll in NinjaZone classes at Elite Gymnastics. New students will start at the beginner level and advance when they are qualified.

For fun and energetic ninja classes in a safe and welcoming environment, take your child to Elite Gymnastics in Hawthorne, NJ. Serving Passaic and Bergen Counties and the surrounding areas, the center offers lessons for kids and adults in a state-of-the-art facility. Whether you’re interested in tumbling, rock climbing, or swimming, they have something for everyone. Call (973) 423-4040 today to speak with a representative, or visit them online to browse the schedule.

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