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Series 2, Part 1: How Do Corroded Metal Door Frames Jeopardize Safety? March 2, 2018

Brighton, Livingston
Series 2, Part 1: How Do Corroded Metal Door Frames Jeopardize Safety?, Brighton, Michigan

Welcome to the next installment of Door Innovation’s three-part series on corroded metal door frames! Now that the Brighton, MI-based door frame specialists have fully explored how and why corrosion forms, they’re ready to tackle a new subject: safety.

The Question: How Do Corroded Metal Door Frames Jeopardize Safety?

Upon first look, corroded metal door frames may seem like nothing more than a cosmetic issue. The red, flaky rust on your steel door or the white, powdery oxide on your aluminum door look bad, but they don’t affect your business’s daily operations, right?

According to Door Innovation, this assumption is incorrect; corrosion poses several safety hazards worth addressing.   

The Answer: They Compromise Health & Security

Corrosion is not only a surface level issue. If you see visible rust or oxide on the outside of your commercial door frame, then chances are that failure has already occurred. If you don't repair the structure soon, you may expose your business to a variety of safety hazards.

corroded metal door frameFor example, corroded metal door frames are vulnerable to both collapse and forced entry. That means the damage puts you, your customers, and your property at risk of injury and theft. Because corrosion weakens the frame, it also gives rodents, insects, and debris a clear path into the facility. In turn, these contaminants can pose their own health and safety risks, namely the spread of disease.    

You can easily avoid these hazards by repairing your commercial door frame as soon as you notice rust or oxide. All you need is one of Door Innovation’s patented jamb patch kits, some tools, and a bit of elbow grease. In mere minutes, you’ll have a secure, corrosion-free frame. Plus, you won’t have the hassle or cost of replacing the entire structure.

Next time, Door Innovation will delve further into the topic of safety by discussing how to tell when a corroded metal door frame has compromised your building’s security. Until then, you can purchase your jamb patch kit on the company’s website. To speak with one of their qualified door frame repair specialists, call (517) 518-8979 today.