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Ensure Efficient Ant Control With These 3 Tips October 20, 2017

Wahiawa, Wahiawa
Ensure Efficient Ant Control With These 3 Tips, Wahiawa, Hawaii

Are you having issues with ant control? Whether it’s been an ongoing problem or is a recent development that’s just been discovered, it can seem nearly impossible to keep these pesky insects from entering your home. But there is a way! According to the pest control experts at Aloha Termite & Pest Control in Wahiawa, HI, ants are extremely sensory creatures and are easily deterred when certain methods are implemented. Below are the top three tips these professionals recommend for ensuring your kitchen remains completely ant-free.

3 Tips for Effective Ant Control

Seal Any Cracks

ant controlAnts are tiny insects. As such, they can find their way into any area as long as there’s a small opening. One of the best steps you can take to keep these insects from entering your kitchen is to caulk the edges of your windows, baseboards, and door frames. This will eliminate many of the cracks that may have developed over the years and could quickly remove any possibility of a future infestation.

Clean With Vinegar

After you’ve cleared the table and washed the dishes, wipe down the countertops with a vinegar and water solution. Ants dislike the smell of this substance and will avoid any area that’s been recently cleaned with it. Plus, vinegar will destroy any traces of the trails these insects may have created, so they won’t be able to find their way back.

Apply Peppermint Oil

If you prefer an ant control product that doesn’t smell as strong, consider using peppermint oil. This liquid can be applied in small amounts after the surfaces have been thoroughly cleaned and will produce a fresh scent that naturally repels any ants trying to enter the premises.

For those infestations that seem out of your control, rely upon the expertise found at Aloha Termite & Pest Control. These ant control experts offer a plethora of pest management solutions and are recognized throughout the region as one of the most affordable and effective exterminators in the industry. Call (808) 622-2268 to schedule your free inspection. Visit their website for additional information about this locally-owned company.

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