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Cincinnati Eye Doctor Shares Everything You Need to Know About Pink Eye November 8, 2017

Cold Spring, Campbell
Cincinnati Eye Doctor Shares Everything You Need to Know About Pink Eye, Cold Spring, Kentucky

Pink eye, or conjunctivitis, is an infection of the inner eyelid and the clear covering of the white of the eye, which causes redness and inflammation. While this condition is common, it’s highly contagious and in some cases can make it difficult to open your eye. The friendly eye doctors at Wing Eyecare in Cincinnati, OH, have treated countless patients for pink eye, which is why they are here to explain everything you need to know about the viral infection.

What Causes Pink Eye?

There are a few different types of pink eye which are caused by various factors. Viral conjunctivitis is caused by a virus, and will typically heal within a few days. Bacterial conjunctivitis is highly contagious and requires medical intervention. Pink eye can also be caused by seasonal allergies.

What Are the Symptoms?

eye doctorBecause of the inflammation of the outer layer of the eye and inside of the eyelid, it causes the eye to appear red. Other symptoms depend on the type of infection. Viral pink eye can cause watery eyes and sensitivity to light, while bacterial pink eye can produce eye discharge that may make it difficult to open your eye. 

How Can It Be Treated?

While viral pink eye doesn’t necessarily require treatment, you should see an eye doctor right away if you have a bacterial infection. They can prescribe medicated eye drops that should help the pink eye clear within a few days.

Whether you are in need of pink eye treatment, a routine eye exam, or prescription glasses, look no further than eye doctors at Wing Eyecare in Cincinnati, OH. The premier optometry clinic provides the high-quality vision services, along with an extensive selection of glasses and eye care products. Call (888) 274-9464 to schedule an appointment, or visit their website for more information about the practice.

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