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Family Dentistry Clinic Shares 5 Ways to Make Brushing Fun for Kids October 26, 2017

Richmond, Madison
Family Dentistry Clinic Shares 5 Ways to Make Brushing Fun for Kids, Richmond, Kentucky

Brushing twice a day may be essential to long-term oral health, but for kids, this habit isn’t always something they look forward to. However, with a little strategy, parents can turn brushing into a fun, appealing activity. Providing comprehensive family dentistry services in Richmond, KY, Mark Stephens, DMD offers a few professional tips for getting little ones excited about dental hygiene.  

Family Dentistry Guide to Making Brushing Fun 

1. Turn It Into a Family Activity

As role models, parents that brush with their children can demonstrate how to make the task enjoyable. You’ll be able to bond over whatever routine you establish and can correct their technique if needed. 

2. Let Them Pick Their Toothbrush

family dentistryWhen children feel forced to take care of their teeth, they may become resistant. By allowing your child to pick out a toothbrush, they’ll have a say in the process and will be more inclined to do it without help.

3. Put Music in the Mix

Even if a child knows that brushing is an important part of oral hygiene, it may be hard for them do it for the full two minutes as recommended by dental professionals. To help keep their interest, pick out a favorite song of theirs that can be used as a timer. They’ll be so focused on the tune, they’ll forget they’re taking care of their teeth. 

4. Chart Progress

By turning tooth brushing into a challenge, you can encourage your child to get in on the activity. For example, you can use stickers to chart every time they brush their teeth for a full two minutes. Once they get a certain number of stickers, you can offer them a small reward, like deciding what you eat for dinner.

5.  Look to Technology

If you need a little extra help to make brushing an enticing activity, there are plenty of modern tools out there to help. For example, there are interactive mobile phone apps you can download that help navigate your child through the process in an engaging way. There are also several toothbrushes on the market that can turn the chore into a fun, kid-friendly game.

Another way to help your child embrace routine brushing is to start the dental care process early and ensure they have a dentist that gets them excited about oral health. Mark Stephens, DMD in Richmond, KY, is respected by patients for providing comfortable care in a relaxing environment. Providing everything from preventive care to orthodontics, this family dentistry professional is equipped to address all of your child’s dental health needs. Learn more about their services online or call (859) 626-0069 to schedule an appointment.

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