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Rochester Nursing Home Lawyer Explains How to Help a Loved One With Mobility Issues November 10, 2017

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Rochester Nursing Home Lawyer Explains How to Help a Loved One With Mobility Issues, Rochester, New York

Coping with mobility issues can be physically and mentally draining. Whether your loved one’s difficulties stem from injury or old age, there are steps you can take to ease some of the burdens and promote comfort. Caring nursing home lawyer David L. Murphy of Trevett Cristo in Rochester, NY, has a few key tips that will help your loved one live well and stay safe.

3 Tips to Assist a Loved One With Mobility Issues

1. Invest In Quality Mobility Aids 

Make sure your loved one has visited both a doctor and physical therapist for support in the selection of mobility aids. Whether they need a cane or wheelchair, there are a variety of advanced features that can aid in one’s comfort and ease of day-to-day life. For example, wheelchairs may be outfitted with plush armrests and electric reclining options.

2. Lend a Helping Hand

nursing home lawyerNaturally, you want to help out when you can with your loved one’s needs. At the same time, maintaining a degree of independence often aids in an individual’s confidence. Help your loved one by lending a hand—but only when necessary. When safety is a concern, however, you should always intervene. Other times, you might need to keep a watchful eye and offer emotional support.

3. Get Some Fresh Air & Exercise

Even mild mobility issues can make everyday events like meeting a friend for coffee or running errands very difficult. As a result, understandably, many people might withdraw from social and outdoor activities. However, staying active, getting fresh air, and socializing remains vital to one’s health and well-being at all stages of life. Make sure your loved one receives the stimulation necessary to thrive.

Nursing home lawyer David L. Murphy of Trevett Cristo has been serving the Rochester community for nearly four decades. If your loved one with mobility issues needs support with a negligence case, consult the team that’s on your side. To schedule your complimentary consultation with the nursing home lawyer, call today at (585) 454-2181. For more information, visit the law firm online

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