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How Buyers Benefit From Owner Financing for Homes May 7, 2018

How Buyers Benefit From Owner Financing for Homes , Houston County, Texas

Because purchasing real estate is such a large investment, buyers are typically required to secure some type of financing before they can finalize a deal. Although mortgage loans may be the most common way people make their dreams of homeownership a reality, there are other options that come with great benefits. Owner financing for homes is an especially attractive alternative that allows buyers to fund their investment directly through the seller instead of a lender. 

Below are some of the advantages of owner financing for buyers:

  • Minimal Qualification Requirements: Owner financing doesn’t require buyers to show proof of bank income or have their credit approved like a traditional loan does. This means those who are self-employed and unable to prove income, haven’t been at their job for very long, or have poor or no credit still have a chance to become a homeowner.

financing for homes

  • Save on Closing Costs: Closing costs can add thousands of dollars to a normal home-buying transaction. With owner financing for homes, all the expenses associated with a mortgage loan are eliminated. This allows buyers to save significantly, paying little-to-no closing costs.
  • Quicker Transaction: When a third-party lender is involved, it can take extra time to wrap up the transaction. However, if financing is done through the seller, the closing process is quicker, and buyers can usually move in within a few, short days.
  • Flexible Down Payment: Instead of having to pay a required minimum down payment that’s requested by a bank or mortgage lender, buyers are generally given the flexibility to negotiate with the seller. They may either agree to a lower amount or installments.


Owner financing for homes opens up the possibility of homeownership to people who otherwise wouldn’t be given the opportunity. This is often the ideal solution for buyers who aren’t in the right financial situation to get a standard mortgage loan. With a quick and easy approval process, SWE Homes makes it simple for the residents of Texas and Georgia to achieve this goal. If you have dreams of purchasing an abode of your own, they are here to help you. Give them a call today at (713) 413-1000, and visit their website to view their extensive selection of owner-financed homes

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