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A Brief Guide to 3 Pieces of Outdoor Power Equipment & Their Uses October 27, 2017

Harris, Stanly
A Brief Guide to 3 Pieces of Outdoor Power Equipment & Their Uses, Harris, North Carolina

Whether maintaining a farm or agricultural business, it takes high-quality, durable outdoor power equipment to properly work the landscape. Although the list of available products runs the gamut, there a few key items any landowner who needs to tend to the acreage should have on their property. Below are the top three. 

Understanding 3 Pieces of Popular Outdoor Power Equipment 

1. Lawnmower 

outdoor power equipmentWhen left unattended, weeds, crops, and additional vegetation will overgrow on your landscape. Managing the area is easier with regular lawn mowing. From diesel-powered and electric to push and riding, there are several lawnmowers available. When weighing options, take landscaping requirements into account. This way, you’ll find an option that has the performance capabilities and additional features for your needs.   

2. Fertilizer, Seed, or Feed Spreader

For crops to grow properly, they need an even distribution of seed and fertilizer. When managing a farm, it’s also necessary to have outdoor power equipment to spread feed. This can be difficult to do by hand, so invest in a good spreader. Drop spreaders are best for maintaining small to mid-scale properties, while the rotary model can take on the challenge of spreading materials evenly throughout more expansive surroundings. 

3. Irrigation Pumps

Just like humans, flowering plants, crops, and additional property vegetation needs to stay hydrated to keep healthy. So roots embedded in the soil have a reliable water source, install irrigation pumps. This outdoor power equipment makes it easy to irrigate the property on a fixed schedule. 


If you need affordable, reliable, efficient outdoor power equipment in North Carolina’s Albemarle area, Stanly Tractor Company in New London has you covered. The shop carries an extensive inventory of state-of-the-art, high-quality products, including tractors, riding mowers, lawn care equipment, and additional gear from top manufacturers. Visit the power equipment dealer and repair specialists online for manufacturer promotions, and like them on Facebook for product announcements.

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