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Frequently Asked Questions About Brazilian Blowouts November 1, 2017

Garment District, Manhattan
Frequently Asked Questions About Brazilian Blowouts, Manhattan, New York

When you need a new look, changing your hairstyle is a great way to do it. It can be done quickly and always changed again to suit your needs. A Brazilian blowout can give you beautifully straight hair for that new look, but also can make it incredibly health. Keratin Lounge in Stroudsburg, PA, has been giving these blowouts for years and has an FAQ guide to help you if you are new to the idea.

What Is a Brazilian Blowout?

A Brazilian blowout is a keratin treatment that uses a liquid formula that bonds to hair. It creates a protective layer on each strand that fights frizzing and protects from external damage. It leaves hair hydrated and resilient to heat treatments — like blow drying. It also creates a sheen.

Will It Make Hair Completely Straight?

blowout-Stroudsburg-PAWhile this treatment is often associated with straight hair, it will only be as straight as you want it to be. The treatment is sealed with a pass of a 450-degree flat iron. If you want your hair to be sleek and straight, your hairdresser can pass the flat iron over a few more times. If you want more volume, ask them to not make as many passes with the iron.

How Long Does It Take & How Long Does It Last?

The answer to length of treatment time depends on the length of your hair, but on average it takes an hour to an hour and a half to complete. Your hair will be shampooed several times to make sure everything is removed; then, the formula is applied root to tip. The hair is then blow dried out, flat ironed, washed once more and blow dried a final time. Treatment can last anywhere from three to four months but could be longer depending on how well you care for it. Limiting how often you wash your hair can help extend the life of the treatment.

Ready to get a Brazilian blowout for yourself? Call Keratin Lounge at 212-477-2088 to set up your appointment. Their professionals specialize in keratin treatments and can ensure healthy, frizz-free hair. Learn more about the salon on Facebook.

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