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High Heating Bills? Here’s How Down Bedding Can Help November 1, 2017

Mason, Warren
High Heating Bills? Here’s How Down Bedding Can Help, Mason, Ohio

As chilly days and frigid nights draw nearer, you may find yourself wondering how to keep heating costs down this year. DOWNLITE, the nation’s leading supplier of hotel comforters and down bedding, offers a variety of products perfect for accomplishing this. Below they explain how bedding can be used to reduce your energy consumption.

First, turn down your thermostat, especially at night when you won’t be up and walking around. With every degree you lower your home’s temperature, you’ll save money on your monthly bills. Try a setting of 70 degrees Fahrenheit for maximum savings. You don’t have to jump right into the change, either. Slowly decrease temperatures over the period of a few days so you can get used to the difference. 

down beddingNow that your home is all set to conserve energy, you can stay warm with down bedding. As nature’s best insulation, these comforters and blankets can be added to your bed to make it increasingly cozy. Incorporate down pillows and mattress toppers, too, as they’ll only boost your insulation and keep you comfortable at night. 

If you already own a few down blankets, this heat-saving trick won’t cost you a penny. However, if you do decide to invest in new bedding, you can expect this route to be much more affordable than the average cost of winter heating. Keep in mind you should look for products with a high quantity of natural feathers. They should be soft, fine feathers, as these will keep you even snugger.  

If you want to purchase down bedding to stay warm and decrease your heating costs this winter, reach out to DOWNLITE. Their high-quality products are trusted to last and provide optimum comfort. If you’re unsure about what to purchase, their staff can offer suggestions. Simply contact them today at (866) 931-3696. You can also find a full catalog of their inventory online.