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A Quick Guide to Planning a Family Meeting Regarding Elderly Care November 14, 2017

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A Quick Guide to Planning a Family Meeting Regarding Elderly Care, Freedom, Wisconsin

Making decisions about an aging loved one’s future is a complex process involving many emotions and lots of planning. Bringing the family together to make these decisions with the loved one is widely regarded as the best way to approach elderly care, as it provides everyone with the chance to discuss their concerns openly and come up with a viable plan together. Consider the following tips before delving into the family planning process.

Planning a Successful Family Meeting to Discuss Elderly Care

Who to Include

The more people you have discussing what is best for your loved one, the better. Some people would rather the aging family member not be present for this meeting, yet it is generally better to include the loved one, even if the person’s health has deteriorated significantly. Including them demonstrates respect and concern for their dignity. It usually yields better results, as the person will not feel ganged-up on because family members made assisted living or other senior care decisions by themselves. If you desire a discussion with your siblings and other family members prior to the official elderly care meeting so you are all on the same page, do it.

When to Hold the Meeting

elderly careSchedule your elderly care meeting when the loved one in question is most alert, such as in the late morning or early afternoon. Refrain from holding a meeting if the person appears highly agitated, as it will only heighten their distress. Family planning sessions always go better when the loved one is rested and feeling well. You may end up rescheduling the meeting one or more times due to assorted health issues, but it is still better than getting started at an inopportune time.

What to Discuss

Give due thought to how you will approach the issue, so you do not offend your loved one. The older family member may become upset regardless, as facing their loss of independence is always a challenge. However, if you use the right words and remain both patient and kind, you have a much better chance of getting the outcome you want. Approach the subject from a place of honesty, concern, and love, and make it clear that the loved one is part of the conversation and has a say in the final decision.


Country Villa Assisted Living is the premier elderly care service in Freedom and Pulaski, WI. The same high-quality services are available at both facilities, so your loved one will enjoy the senior care he or she needs while maintaining a wonderful quality of life. Amenities include acres of walking trails, full-service beauty salons, courtyards, fire pits, and individual heating and cooling systems, in addition to outstanding health care. Call (920) 422-4620 for their Freedom location or (920) 422-4629 for their Pulaski location, and visit the website for more information today.

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