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How to Prepare Your Outdoor Faucets for Winter October 25, 2017

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How to Prepare Your Outdoor Faucets for Winter, Kalispell, Montana

As you prepare your home and vehicle for the frigid temperatures and snowy weather ahead, don’t forget to winterize those outdoor faucets. Remember, these fixtures can become significantly damaged if left unprotected. That’s why the professionals at Flo-Rite Plumbing, the premier plumbing company in Flathead, MT, offer more than just high-quality services. Here, they share some advice regarding your outdoor faucets.

3 Steps to Preparing Your Outdoor Faucets for Winter

Remove Connections

faucetWith the icy temperatures ahead, you won’t be watering your lawn soon. Remove any hoses, sprinklers, or other connections from the faucets. If you neglect this task, you risk allowing the fixture to freeze due to accumulated moisture. Even one cold night can cause problems with your pipes and plumbing, so disconnect everything early.

Inspect & Drain

Make sure there are no leaks from any faucets. If you do notice leaks, get it repaired as quickly as possible. Water dripping from the faucet can freeze as soon as temperatures dip low enough, leading to blockages and damage to your pipes. Additionally, shut off each water line and turn on the faucet. This allows water to drain out.


Insulate each outdoor faucet to keep it from freezing. Install a cover over each fixture to keep the cold away and, if you couldn’t drain the pipes properly in the last step, use an extra layer of insulation.


With these steps, you can keep your faucets from freezing and affecting your plumbing. Contact the professionals at Flo-Rite Plumbing for a wide range of services or help winterizing your home. From water heater repair to sewer drain line cleaning, you can be sure your home is well prepared for the cold weather. Call (406) 257-6897 to schedule service, and visit them online for more information. You can also connect with them on Facebook.

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