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5 Tips To Save Energy This Fall & Winter October 27, 2017

Pico Rivera, Whittier
5 Tips To Save Energy This Fall & Winter, Whittier, California

The fall and winter seasons are filled with cozy evenings at home and celebratory holidays. However, when the utility bills arrive, you may find that powering your home’s appliances and decorations can be expensive. Use the following tips from an electrician to save energy and money this time of the year.

5 Electrician-Approved Tips for Saving Energy

How Can I Reduce My Energy Consumption?

  • Service the Heating System: A malfunctioning heating system consumes excess power and drives up your costs. An electrical contractor will identify repair problems to help you save energy. Switching to another fuel source like natural gas can also reduce electricity usage at home.
  • electrician Pico Rivera CAMonitor the Thermostat: If you’re home during the day, keep the thermostat on a low setting and let the sun provide natural heat. Before leaving the house or going to bed, set the thermostat back 10 or 15 degrees to minimize energy waste.
  • Use a Warm Setting on Your Water Heater: Keeping the heater at 120 degrees Fahrenheit ensures you will have hot water when you need it without drawing more energy than necessary. Switching from electric power to natural gas will also reduce your usage and overall energy-related spending. 
  • Purchase LED Holiday Lights and CFL Bulbs: Many homeowners decorate with lights this time of year, which can drive up their electricity bills. Fortunately, there are energy-efficient options for LED products that give you all the festive twinkle without the high operating costs. Adding CFL bulbs to lamps and light fixtures in the house will offer savings throughout the year. 
  • Utilize Power Strips for Appliances: Even if you remember to turn off the TV and computer at the end of the day, they will still consume energy if they’re plugged in. Instead of plugging them into the wall outlets, use a power strip to absorb excess energy while your devices are turned off or in sleep mode.

Why Are These Steps Important?

Reducing your energy consumption has both financial and environmental benefits. Not only will becoming more energy-efficient give you more money for holiday gifts, but it will also offer savings throughout the year. Using less electricity also contributes to a greener environment since you’re decreasing the demand for power derived from nonrenewable sources. 


Are you looking to save energy, make electrical repairs, and lower your utility costs this fall and winter? Give Michael Lawrence Electric in Pico Rivera, CA, a call at (213) 591-0829. These experienced electricians will make your home more efficient during the colder seasons. Visit their website to learn more about why they come highly recommended in the Los Angeles area.

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