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Dementia Care Experts Share 5 Warning Signs of Alzheimer's Disease October 31, 2017

Freedom, Outagamie
Dementia Care Experts Share 5 Warning Signs of Alzheimer's Disease, Freedom, Wisconsin

One of the most common discussions dementia care professionals have with families is about the progression of symptoms. Children and spouses want to know whether their loved one has Alzheimer’s disease and what they should look out for. Country Villa Assisted Living in Freedom and Pulaski, WI, believes in a proactive approach to memory care that includes family involvement. In the list below, they share the most common warning signs of Alzheimer’s so you, too, can best care for your loved one. 

Dementia Care: Alzheimer’s Warning Signs 

Poor Memory 

Memory loss and forgetfulness are hallmark signs of dementia and Alzheimer’s disease. While your loved one may be diagnosed with early-stage dementia before Alzheimer’s, they will still experience the same type of progressive symptoms. If your family member starts forgetting their doctor’s appointments, has trouble remembering your name, or misplacing important objects, talk to a health care professional. 


As dementia develops into Alzheimer’s disease, people become confused about where they are, where they are traveling, and how to find their way in familiar places. For example, you may find your loved one walking down your block with a puzzled look on their face, or they may frequently wonder why you are at another family member’s house. 

Mood Swings 

Pulaski-Dementia-CareRapid or frequent mood changes are common in patients with Alzheimer’s disease. Sudden outbursts of anger or sadness may occur without cause. Look for symptoms like increased nervousness, suspicion, or crying. Your loved one may also become dependent on your presence or enraged when you do not comply with their wishes. 

Social Withdrawal

If your loved one is known as a social butterfly and begins to withdraw from friends and activities, they may be suffering from Alzheimer’s or dementia. Men and women who once enjoyed family vacations or dinners with friends may avoid outings in the future. If they are napping or watching TV more than enjoying their bingo night or gardening club, an examination by a physician experienced in dementia care may be necessary. 

Speech Difficulty 

Children and spouses of people with dementia may notice increased speech difficulty when the illness develops into Alzheimer’s. They may forget basic words or substitute for ones that don’t make sense. Your loved one may also have trouble communicating what they need from you, like a snack or tissue. 

Whether someone you care about suffers from dementia or Alzheimer’s, they can live a full, happy life at a high-quality assisted living facility focused on providing memory care. To discuss dementia care with a leading facility, call Country Villa Assisted Living in Freedom, WI, at (920) 422-4620 and Pulaski, WI, at (920) 422-4629. For more information on their campuses and amenities, visit their website today. 

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