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4 Life-Saving Reasons for Annual Commercial Fire Alarm System Tests October 24, 2017

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4 Life-Saving Reasons for Annual Commercial Fire Alarm System Tests, Anchorage, Alaska

In a matter of minutes,  fire can destroy properties and lives. Having a reliable commercial fire alarm system in place is the best way to save occupants and important documents. It's among the reasons why C&T Fire Protection in Anchorage, AK, is a strong advocate of annual testing for alarms, extinguishers, and other fire prevention devices.

Certified and licensed technicians are your best resource for these inspections. One of the main reasons to have fire alarms thoroughly tested is to identify culprits that can stop the devices from operating properly. Here are a few other reasons why yearly inspections are critical fire safety maintenance measures.

Why Commercial Fire Alarm Systems Should Be Tested Annually


Devices that are five years or older may be susceptible to shutdowns brought on by humidity and temperature changes. Fluctuations in voltage and lack of regular maintenance can also cause the components in older models to malfunction or fail. Testing will identify any issues that require repair or replacement.

Dust Buildup

commercial fire alarm systemsOver time, layers of dust and dirt can accumulate in and on commercial fire alarm systems. This buildup can cause parts to deteriorate, which affects the device's operation. A licensed fire safety maintenance technician has the equipment to thoroughly remove all contaminants. Testing procedures are then conducted to ensure the device is operating in accordance with industry guidelines.


A home or business remodeling project can also affect the operation of fire alarm systems. Paint and other materials used on walls and ceilings can accidentally leak into the devices. As a result, the units will stop working due to damaged internal components. A complete inspection and test, especially after a renovation job, is highly recommended once a year.


The annual testing of commercial fire alarm systems can be a lifesaver. If the devices are working properly, they will all alert occupants within a property to make immediate exits. While property and material items can be replaced, a fully functioning fire alarm system will minimize structural damage.

Don't risk getting caught in smoke and fire. Let the licensed technicians at C&T Protection conduct a yearly test of all the components in your commercial fire alarm system. To schedule an inspection, call (907) 563-3473 today. Check out the website for more information on fire protection plans and other services.

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