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What Are Zone Control Air Conditioning Systems? November 2, 2017

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What Are Zone Control Air Conditioning Systems?, Minneapolis, Minnesota

Although central air conditioning systems offer a convenient and efficient way to heat and cool a house, they aren’t ideal for some families. These types don’t allow you to control where exactly the air goes—it simply travels to any room connected to a duct. That’s why some homeowners opt for a zone control heating and cooling system instead. This option offers benefits others don’t.

What You Should Know About Zone Control Air Conditioning Systems

What They Do

As the name implies, these systems allow you to block off certain “zones” within a home. If you want to heat or cool only one section of your house, you can, without any air traveling to other zones. This boosts the overall efficiency of your heating and cooling system.

How They Work

Air Conditioning Minneapolis MNZone control systems work thanks to dampers installed in your ductwork. These can close off certain sections of your ductwork, so air can’t get through them. Instead, it’s directed to the the zone of your choice. Dampers respond to thermostat adjustments throughout the home.

Why People Install Them

Saving money is one of the main benefits of zone control air conditioning systems. Instead of letting your heated or cooled air travel all throughout the home, you can focus it on one area, eliminating waste and cutting down on the amount of energy you use.

On top of that, zone control systems allow for personalized comfort. If one member of your household wants to keep their room warm, while another is happy with the temperature as it is, both people can remain comfortable.


If you think you’d like to install a zone control air conditioning system in your home, get in touch with Freedom Heating & Air Conditioning in Minneapolis. Their technicians have over 50 years of combined industry experience, so you know you’ll be in good hands. Visit them online for more information, or call (612) 306-6400.

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