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How To Choose A Criminal Defense Attorney October 26, 2017

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How To Choose A Criminal Defense Attorney, Savannah, Georgia

If you are facing felony  criminal charges in State or Federal Court, it is important to understand what you are facing. Learning about the criminal justice system will not only benefit your case but also allow you to play an active role in your defense. Below, a Savannah, GA, felony attorney from Phillips, Carson & Phillips, Attorneys at Law, explains how to choose the best attorney for your criminal defense.



felony attorneyHopefully, neither you nor any of your loved ones will ever need a Criminal Defense Lawyer.  But sometimes things happen when your world comes crashing down and you face the long arm of the law in the worst possible way.  If the worst happens, what do you do?  How do you know who to call?  Unlike the “ambulance chasers” you see on TV, criminal lawyers seldom advertise their services in mass media. There is no shortage of criminal cases so the need to advertise is not there.

            The way to find the best criminal lawyer is by asking your friends or people who work at the Courthouse or people who have served on jury duty.  The best criminal lawyers go to court. That sounds simple but the truth is there are only a small number of criminal lawyers in any given town who go to the Courthouse on a regular basis.  The court house staff, the Court deputies and the bail bondsmen know these attorneys and know their capabilities.   

         For over 40 years Attorney Bobby Phillips has been helping people who have found themselves charged with having committed a crime. He and his firm have a strong reputation for competency in defending people accused of crimes. Attorneys Bobby Phillips, John Carson and Boone Phillips are all well-known and well respected by Courthouse staff, clerks and Judges. They are known as Courthouse lawyers, lawyers who fight for their clients.

      Choosing the wrong attorney can have disastrous results which can destroy a family. Take time to interview your lawyer. Ask him or her specifically about his or her actual trial experience. A good criminal defense attorney likes to talk about his cases (in general terms). 

   If you need a seasoned defense or felony attorney in Savannah, GA, turn to Phillips, Carson & Phillips, Attorneys at Law. Backed by over 50 years of combined experience, their team provides the professional, aggressive, and focused legal help you need to protect your rights and freedoms. Contact the firm online, or call (912) 712-2773 to discuss your case with a felony attorney today. 

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