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5 Tips for Ensuring Successful Senior Home Health Care October 24, 2017

St. Charles, St. Charles
5 Tips for Ensuring Successful Senior Home Health Care, St. Charles, Missouri

Having a professional senior home health care provider can be priceless for elderly people who need help with everyday tasks but want to maintain their independence. In addition to assistance around the house, a professional provides invaluable companionship that can help your loved one live a happier, healthier life. Serving the St. Louis metropolitan area since 2005, Deer Valley Home Health Services delivers a wide variety of services tailored to fit the diverse needs of elderly and disabled patients. According to their team, here are the ingredients of successful caregiving.

5 Tips for Successful Senior Home Health Care

1. Make the Home Senior-Friendly

To help the caregiver, remove any tripping or falling hazards from your loved one’s home. Installing grab bars in the bathroom and covering electrical cords with rugs or affixing them along baseboards is also helpful. Additionally, the senior’s nightstand should be equipped with the proper items, including an easily accessible lamp and a medical alert device.

2. Keep Them Active

home health careExercise is a critical part of physical and mental health at any age. Therefore, a caregiver should encourage senior patients to do something each day that helps maintain their strength, balance, and flexibility while also getting blood pumping to their heart. Depending on their mobility, this could range from a walk around the block to stretching and exercises with light weights.

3. Ensure a Proper Diet

The combination of physical activity and nutritious food can help seniors ward off diseases and illness. In addition to providing well-balanced, nutritious meals and snacks, patients may also benefit from supplements like calcium and vitamin D. A caregiver should consult the patient’s doctor before adding supplements to the daily routine.

4. Stimulate Their Mind

Providing seniors with mental stimulation keeps their minds sharp and their spirits high. A senior home health care provider should engage them in conversation, ask questions about their lives, read with them, and play games to exercise your loved one’s brain and get them socializing.

5. Learn Their Medical Needs

A professional should speak with a senior’s doctors to get a full idea of their unique medical needs and treatment plans, asking questions and taking notes as necessary. They’ll also administer medications on schedule.

If you or a loved one needs senior home health care in St. Louis, St. Charles, or Berkeley, MO, trust Deer Valley Home Health Services. Give their friendly team a call today at (314) 355-3679 to discuss your situation and create a tailored plan for your specific needs. Visit their website for additional information on their services, including assisted living and veteran private care.

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