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Do You Need Windshield Repairs or a Replacement? April 2, 2018

Cincinnati, Hamilton
Do You Need Windshield Repairs or a Replacement?, Cincinnati, Ohio

Windshield chips and cracks are a frustrating part of car ownership, but they’re something most people will unfortunately experience at some point. These annoying blemishes can be caused by anything from road debris to excessive stress, and in each case, windshield repairs at the very least will be necessary. Here, the team from Cincinnati’s GlassPro, Inc. explains how to tell whether you need a full replacement if a few fixes will do.

Windshield Repairs: 3 Factors to Consider

1. Size

The best rule to follow when determining your need for windshield repairs is to base your timeline on the size of the damage. There are two different standards for chips and cracks. If a chip is smaller than a quarter and has not penetrated the glass too deeply, it can most likely be repaired without the need to replace the windshield. Likewise, if a crack or fracture is shorter than a dollar bill, repairs should be fairly easy. However, whether you need repair or replacement, it’s important you have them done right away to prevent further damage.

2. Stability

windshield repairAnother determining factor in taking steps to repair your windshield is the stability of the damage. Some small chips and cracks will not grow or cause issues and can be repaired quickly without hassle. Cracks that go untreated run the risk of growing and potentially “spiderwebbing” across the entire piece of glass. If you notice a crack of chip that begins to grow, it is imperative to have it repaired immediately, preferably by a mobile glass repair company so you no longer have to add stress by driving.

3. Frequency

The number of blemishes a windshield or window suffers may determine its ability to be fixed. One or two chips in different parts of the windshield will most likely be an easy fix, but any more than that will begin to compromise the stability and structure of the glass. This often comes down to the discretion of the auto glass company, and many will refuse to fix windshields with multiple defects or blemishes as to not compromise safety.

If you are in need of windshield repairs or a replacement in the Cincinnati, OH, area, trust the team from GlassPro, Inc. to help get your car back on the road. They can help with everything from hail damage to small chips. And remember: You have the right to select the glass company of your choice (not your insurance company)! Call them at (513) 874-6559, or visit them online to learn more.

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