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What Happened to Traditional Floral Arrangements? November 1, 2017

Hastings, Adams
What Happened to Traditional Floral Arrangements?, Hastings, Nebraska

Modern floral arrangements have taken on a whole new meaning. Rather than the bland, nearly identical offerings of decades past, today’s flowers are incorporated into an array of diverse, beautiful blends. Using the season’s freshest blooms, these revolutionary bouquets are elegant, unique, and anything but bland. Here’s the reasoning behind the shift.

A Change in Tradition

Traditional floral arrangements were boring at best, incorporating the latest fads into blossoms that barely reached the vase’s edge. The beauty of individual flowers got lost in the shuffle, with mass-produced, odorless bouquets not providing much to admire. Today, each arrangement’s stylistic features goes above and beyond, highlighting the beauty of each individual element. 

Along with creative, state-of-the-art displays, you can see, smell, and admire the fragrance and structure of each unique bloom. Rather than mass-produced bouquets being shipped out of developing countries, uniformity isn’t a concern, with tradition being replaced by freshness and creativity. 

A Floral Revolution

floral arrangementsToday, the florist movement has touched on natural beauty to develop revolutionary creations. Modern professionals are drawn to the diversity present in wildlife, from the decadent romance of roses to the sweet scent of lilies. Their craving for the season’s freshest flowers has encouraged farmers to grow a better crop just to keep up with the demand.

With seasonal selections at the heart of each bouquet, these new developments are anything but bland. In the age of social media, each florist is encouraged to outdo the other with state-of-the-art creations.

This gorgeous imagery extends beyond style—it’s a movement, a revolution that reflects everything from the floral arrangements on your dinner table to the ones present at your wedding. With the freshest flowers at the heart of each arrangement, expect elegant appeal blended with sophisticated fragrance. Modern creations outdo tradition, optimizing creativity to transform flowers into an art form.


Hastings, NE’s Bob Sass Flowers is the area’s premier florist, offering beautiful blooms for any occasion. With fresh floral arrangements suited to your unique specifications, expect nothing but the best. Known for their impressive creations, these experts craft everything from simple, homestyle arrangements to over-the-top wedding bouquets, all available in countless sizes and styles. Visit the website for more information, or call (402) 462-2179 to place your order today.

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