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How a Rehabilitation Center Helps an Injured Loved One October 31, 2017

How a Rehabilitation Center Helps an Injured Loved One, West Plains, Missouri

As our loved ones get older, we worry more about accidents and falls. Even with the best safety measures in place, accidents can still happen. While it can be devastating when a senior family member falls and injures themselves, with the help of rehabilitation centers, it doesn’t have to drastically change an aging loved one’s life.

What is a Rehabilitation Center?

Senior rehabilitation centers, also called nursing centers,  are inpatient centers that help aging patients who require care to heal and regain strength and mobility. Most elder patients go to rehabilitation centers if they have been in an accident, injured themselves, become seriously ill, or needed surgery.

What Type of Care Do Rehabilitation Centers Offer?

west-plains-mo-rehabilitation-centerSenior nursing centers provide both long- and short-term health services to elder patients and are typically prescribed by doctors. There are three different levels of care provided, depending on the severity of the injury. Basic care includes assisting someone with their personal care and daily living activities. Skilled care requires an RN to help recover from recent falls, injuries, or surgery. Sub-Acute care is a more comprehensive approach to care and is typically for those who have chronic injuries or ongoing problems. If your aging parent or loved one fell because of a chronic condition, they may need more long-term care to help them with their quality of life.

How Can They Help If Your Aging Loved One Has Fallen?

If your senior family member has injured themselves in a fall, they will likely go to the hospital first. Once the injury has been assessed and tended to, some rehabilitative care may be required for them to continue with their daily lives. The nurses and staff at the nursing center will help through physical therapy and nursing care. This may be walking on a treadmill or swimming activities to help gain mobility. Rehabilitation centers may also provide speech therapy and occupational therapy if a doctor has deemed this necessary, for example, after a stroke that resulted in a fall. 


While we want to protect our aging parents and loved ones as best we can, it’s reassuring to know that senior care is available if an accident occurs. If you find yourself in a situation where you need a more permanent solution for your elder family member, West Vue provides a full range of services for quality senior living. They’ve spent 40 years helping seniors with better quality living through retirement services, nursing care, and independent living assistance. If you’d like to find out more about how they can help you or your aging loved one, call them today at (417) 256-2152. You can also visit their website for more information.

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