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A Health Center Lists 4 Foods That Cause Cavities for Kids November 2, 2017

Morrisania, Bronx
A Health Center Lists 4 Foods That Cause Cavities for Kids, Bronx, New York

Children can be picky eaters and often crave sweet treats and drinks. While an indulgent reward is perfectly fine here and there, it’s important to teach little ones about proper oral health to avoid cavities and other issues. In addition to bringing your children to the dentist regularly, the health center staff at CCN General Medicine at the Boston Road Medical Center in the Bronx, NY, says it’s also vital to watch what they eat at home.

A Health Center Lists 4 Cavity-Causing Foods

1. Sticky Candy

health centerLollipops, gummy bears, and caramels are sought-after treats for little ones craving something sweet. Unfortunately, these sugary candies have a tendency to stick to teeth and in nooks and crannies and can quickly lead to tooth decay. After enjoying a caramel or sticky candy, encourage immediate flossing. 

2. Soda & Fruit Juices

Soda and fruit juices are high in sugar as well. When consumed frequently, these beverages can lead to cavities and even tooth enamel erosion with their high carbonation and phosphorous levels. 

3. Starchy Foods

It isn’t just sweets that lead to cavities. French fries, pizza, and hamburgers are also culprits, since ketchup, crusts, and soft buns are high in carbohydrates, which ultimately turn into sugar sources as well. 

4. Desserts

In addition to sticky candy, traditional desserts and baked goods that are high in sugar can easily lead to cavities. When indulging in cupcakes, brownies, pastries, or cookies after a family meal, plan a group flossing and toothbrushing session so kids establish proper oral health habits early on. 

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