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Side Effects of Teeth Whitening for Kids & Adults November 1, 2017

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Side Effects of Teeth Whitening for Kids & Adults, Ash Flat, Arkansas

Have you considered visiting the dentist for teeth whitening? Whether it’s for yourself or your children, you should always consider the possible side effects that may result from this procedure. Here, the professionals at All About Smiles Family Dental, based in Ash Flat, AR, explain three potential aftereffects of teeth whitening for kids and adults alike.

3 Potential Side Effects of Teeth Whitening

1. Sensitivity

During the whitening process, the dentin layer of your teeth becomes exposed. This leads to increased sensitivity during, and for a short time after, the procedure. If you experience sensitivity before starting a whitening procedure, make sure you speak with your dentist beforehand so you can agree on the best plan for your situation.

2. Tissue Irritation

teeth whiteningIf your gums  come into contact with the chemical agent, they may become irritated. If this happens, you’ll notice the tissue turn white after exposure to a strong chemical like hydrogen peroxide. Don’t worry: The coloring will fade back to normal. If you experience bleeding or pain, however, this can be a severe case that should be tended to right away.

3. Poor Results

Depending on the initial state of your teeth and the procedure done, there is always a risk the results won’t be to your liking. For example, those with heavy stains may not notice a difference after just one treatment. Meanwhile, those who whiten their teeth too often will notice they appear gray or translucent. Consult with your dentist and discuss the possibility of this result to keep yourself from being disappointed.

If you’re looking for teeth whitening services from the best dentists, look no further than the team at All About Smiles Family Dental. With their personalized treatment plans and help with financial planning, these experts will take good care of you and your teeth. If you’d like to make an appointment, you can reach out to them by calling (870) 994-7645. To find out more about their services, go online.  

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