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4 Fall Maintenance Tips to Prevent a Home Insurance Claim October 30, 2017

Fairfield, Butler
4 Fall Maintenance Tips to Prevent a Home Insurance Claim, Fairfield, Ohio

Your home insurance policy offers considerable peace of mind because it will protect you financially if you suffer a catastrophic event. However, as the saying goes, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. With that in mind, Lighthouse Agency, a leading provider of homeowners insurance in Fairfield, OH, suggests taking the following measures this fall to lower your risk of an accident this winter.

4 Fall Maintenance Tips for Avoiding a Home Insurance Claim

1. Remove Dead Branches & Trees

Ice, snow, and wind put stress on even healthy trees, so diseased and dead ones pose a severe risk in winter weather. Their branches can become brittle and snap, creating a hazard for passersby, vehicles, your house, or your neighbor's property. To avoid a home insurance claim due to a fallen limb, remove dead branches and trees before winter arrives.

2. Fix Steps

Uneven steps to a front door or porch can be perilous even in good weather. Icy conditions compound the damage, posing a dangerous tripping and slipping hazard. Have broken steps repaired now to keep your family and visitors safe.

3. Repair Damaged Paths & Sidewalks

Home insuranceUneven pavement on walkways, driveways, and paths increases the risk of a trip and fall accident. If this happens to a visitor to your property because a surface is in disrepair, you could be liable for damages. To avoid a home insurance claim, make repairs before snow and ice cover the uneven concrete and exacerbate the risk.

4. Remove Fire Hazards

If you store old newspapers and magazines in your basement or oily rags in your garage, they’re fire hazards. This is particularly true during the winter when you will use your furnace and space heaters frequently. Remove all unnecessary flammable materials from your house to reduce your risk of a blaze.

To protect yourself and your property, consult Lighthouse Agency, the most trusted auto, life, health, and homeowners insurance business in Fairfield, OH. Visit their website to request an insurance quote and call (513) 860-9100 to speak with a member of their team about their plans. Follow the agency on Twitter for more advice from their experts.

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