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What Tree Pruning Equipment Do You Need? October 25, 2017

Harbor Point, Stamford
What Tree Pruning Equipment Do You Need?, Stamford, Connecticut

If your business requires tree pruning equipment for success, rely on Muench Company in Stamford, CT. Rather than wasting time and money on ineffective tools, you can rely on their vast inventory of landscaping supplies that will keep your company as efficient as possible. Below, they’ve put together a guide to the equipment you need for tree pruning.

3 Pieces of Tree Pruning Equipment You Need

tree pruning equipment1. Pole Tree Pruners

These tools are a saw or pruner attached to a long pole. They can help you reduce the risk of injury, as the pole allows you to reach the tops of smaller trees without a ladder. Because climbing ladders to reach high tree branches is often dangerous, this piece of equipment is essential for any business owner.

2. Electric Chain Saws

Another important piece of equipment is the electric chainsaw, which can boost efficiency. While gas-powered models require the use of gas and oil, electric varieties simply need to be plugged in. You can also opt for a battery-powered option for cordless flexibility. This piece of equipment makes slicing through tree limbs a much faster process.

3. Wood Chippers

Once you’ve cut down your branches, use a wood chipper to mulch tree limbs. Rather than attempting to cut branches into manageable lengths and bundling them together, why not make the process much easier with this piece of equipment? Plus, you’ll save money, as you won’t have to purchase bagged mulch.

If you’re looking for the right tree pruning equipment for your business, look no further than Muench Company, Inc. These experts offer a full range of landscaping equipment at affordable prices. With over 85 years of experience in the industry, they can provide expert recommendations on equipment. If you have any questions, call them at (203) 323-9712. You can also visit them online to browse their inventory.  

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