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Local Veterinarian Shares 3 Fall Pet Care Tips October 25, 2017

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Local Veterinarian Shares 3 Fall Pet Care Tips, High Point, North Carolina

Fall is the perfect season to spend time outdoors with your pet; however, there are new safety precautions you need to take to protect them. According to the staff at High Point Veterinary Hospital in North Carolina, it’s important to recognize the dangers that come with fall, and they want to share some pet care tips to implement. These will ensure that your pet is healthy throughout the season while you enjoy time outside.

3 Fall Pet Care Tips

1. Watch Out for Snakes

pet-care-high-point-ncIf you’re playing in wooded areas, it’s important to keep a vigilant eye out for snakes. Because they’re preparing for hibernation, they’re more active than usual — and more aggressive. They can be difficult to see beneath heavy leaf fall, so do your best to steer clear of covered areas. Familiarize yourself with local poisonous snakes, and don’t let your pet wonder alone outside.

2. Stay Away From Mushrooms

Stopping to munch on wild mushrooms may not seem like a bad idea for your dog, but it could lead to serious poisoning. Many toxic mushrooms sprout during fall and should be avoided. It can be difficult to identify them on your own, so keep your dog away. If you notice unexplained vomiting, fever, and other health problems, take your pet to your veterinarian immediately; they may have consumed a toxic mushroom. Treatment is effective when immediate, so don’t overlook warning signs.

3. Stay Safe on Halloween

Copious amounts of candy, dangling decorations, and scurrying kids can be potential dangers to your pet. During Halloween festivities, make sure the candy bowl is out of reach. If they’re uncomfortable with too many guests, make a comfortable, safe space in your home during trick-or-treating hours. While Halloween season is short, many things can go wrong, so prepare properly for your pet’s well-being.

For more pet care tips and services, turn to a veterinarian at High Point Veterinary Hospital. They offer various pet care services, including dog boarding, and are dedicated to keeping your pets happy and healthy. Call (336) 889-3832 today to schedule a pet care exam and visit their website and Facebook to learn more about their services.

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