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7 Essential Tips From Your Septic Pumping Team October 27, 2017

Country Club, Lincoln
7 Essential Tips From Your Septic Pumping Team, Lincoln, Nebraska

Owning a septic system doesn’t have to require a lot of work —but if you don’t care for it properly, you could soon find yourself paying for expensive repairs and maintenance. As the septic pumping team at Taylor’s Drain & Sewer Service in Lincoln, NE, explains, following a few basic tips will keep your septic system in good shape.

Septic Pumping Experts Offer Their Top 7 Septic System Tips

1. Inspect & Pump Regularly

Staying on a regular septic pumping schedule is essential for maintaining your system. At a minimum, you should inspect and pump your system every three years. Keep in mind that homes with higher water usage may require more frequent pumping.

2. Keep Off the Grass!

Heavy equipment, vehicles, and livestock should always be kept away from the drain field. The excess weight could cause severe damage to your system.

3. Conserve Water

One of the best ways to care for your septic system is by conserving water. Installing reduced-flow shower heads and other fixtures can help reduce your water use and lessen the strain on your septic tank.

4. Observe the Field

Even if you aren’t due for an inspection, it’s a good idea to check out your drainage field from time to time. Sinkholes, foul odors, and flooding can all indicate maintenance issues that need to be addressed immediately.

5. Flush Carefully

septic pumpingDon’t flush non-degradable objects down the toilet. Items such as tissues, cigarette butts, coffee grounds, and paper towels can create troublesome clogs that back up your system.

6. Don’t Drain Chemicals

Septic tank owners should avoid putting drain cleaners and other hazardous chemicals down their drains. These can harm the bacteria in your septic system and keep them from breaking down waste like they should.

7. Know Your Disposal

Do you have a kitchen garbage disposal? Disposal owners need to schedule septic pumping more frequently due to the increased level of waste entering the tank.

Whether you need to schedule septic pumping or a simple drain inspection, Taylor’s Drain & Sewer Service has you covered. With over 40 years serving residential and commercial customers, they’ll help your system work properly. To learn more about this rooter service company, visit them online or call (402) 474-5213.

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