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How to Remove a Tick, in 4 Steps October 24, 2017

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How to Remove a Tick, in 4 Steps, Hanover, Massachusetts

Tick control can’t cover everything. It’s not uncommon to find ticks on yourself during the Fall. In many cases, you won’t even feel the tick bite you. It’s wise to check your whole body for ticks any time you finish walking outside, especially if you were walking in the woods or hiking. Make sure to look over your clothing, as well — sometimes ticks will attach to them. If you find that a tick has bitten you, don’t panic: removing them isn’t difficult. Here’s what you have to do.

Get Tweezers Ready

FindTick Control some fine-tipped tweezers and get them as close to the surface of your skin as possible. You want to grasp the tick as close to its head as you can — because that way you have a better shot of removing all of it. Grasp it too low, and you might squeeze out its insides. You don’t want to do that while it’s still attached to you.

Remove the Tick

With a firm grip on the tick’s head, pull it directly upwards with even pressure. Do not twist or jerk the tick. This might cause the tick to break, leaving the mouth embedded in your skin. You risk infection as long as any tick parts are stuck in your skin. If any of the tick’s mouth remains after you remove its body, try to extract it with fine tweezers and good light. If you can’t, leave it to heal by itself.

Clean the Bite

Tick bites are unsanitary. Even after the bug is removed, some of the germs might still linger on your skin — apply rubbing alcohol, iodine, or soap and water to clean off the area.

Dispose of the Tick

If you’re concerned about tick-borne disease, put the tick in a sealed container and bring it with you when you see a doctor. Those who’d prefer to see the parasite dead can submerge it in alcohol, burn it, or flush it down the toilet. Trying to crush a tick with your fingers is dangerous and ineffective.

The best way to deal with a tick is never to catch one. With professional tick control, you won’t have to pull or burn any ticks — no more Powassan virus worries!

Mosquito Shield of South Shore, Cape Cod & South Coast brings Massachusetts tick control that kills the parasites, covers up the source of their attraction, and lays down a layer of repellent. Call (781) 424-5697 or visit their website to find out more about how their tick control can help you enjoy your yard this Fall.

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