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Laser Vision Correction: What You Should Know, From Belmont Eye Center February 13, 2014

Upper East Side, Manhattan
Laser Vision Correction: What You Should Know, From Belmont Eye Center, Manhattan, New York

One of the most revolutionary forms of corrective surgery over the years has been Laser Vision Correction. However, for most patients who currently suffer from common refractive errors, a growing concern has become how laser eye surgery will affect the eyes.

Laser Vision Correction (LVC) is perhaps one of the greatest technological advances in the history of eye care. With Belmont Eye Center, patients receive the most effective form of treatment. Gone are the days when optometrist could only treat patients with contact lenses or a pair of prescription glasses. Today, LVC has been used to surgically reshape the cornea of the eye to change its focusing power and eliminate the need for glasses or contacts.

Currently there are two forms of treatment; LASIK and PRK treatment. While all medical procedures have both risks and benefits, more patients than ever have been seeing vision enhancing results. Laser vision correction is as safe as it has ever been.

At Belmont Eye Center, Dr. Sandra Belmont and her team practice safe, no-cutting methods of LVC treatment. With 80 percent of all procedures in the office being non-invasive, the only contact that optometrist have is by ensuring that your eye lid is out of the way before corrective surgery.

If you are ambivalent about receiving corrective surgery, you can find relief in knowing that nearly 40 million patients worldwide have undergone this form of eye surgery.

Most people who wear glasses usually spend a great deal of their earnings on replacing and repairing them. Others who wear contact lenses may have also suffered from harmful side affects and often receive no permanent way of treatment for repairing their vision.

Laser Vision Correction is the only treatment that can permanently correct your vision without a lifetime of expensive doctor visits or the risk of developing serious side affects. If you wear glasses or contact lenses currently, you can develop a more natural way of seeing clearer with LASIK or PRK treatment.

To find out if you are a candidate for LASIK or PRK treatment, visit Belmont Eye Center

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