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Why Are Dentists Turning to 3-D Imaging? October 24, 2017

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Why Are Dentists Turning to 3-D Imaging? , Elyria, Ohio

Since the discovery of X-rays, dentists have used the frequency to diagnose cavities and tooth decay, as well as determine whether a patient needs wisdom teeth removal. In recent years, many dental offices have transitioned from traditional X-rays to 3-D Imaging. The dental team at Leidenheimer Dental Group, in Elyria, OH, explain the importance of this option below. 

Why Dentists Use 3-D Imaging X-Rays

Clearer Images

3-D imaging works like computerized axel tomography (CAT) scans. Using conal imaging and specialized software, dentists and dental technicians can take many X-rays of your jaw, teeth, and airways in under a minute. These images come together to create a clear cross-section of your mouth, gums, and jaw.

Improved Diagnostics

dentistBecause dentists can obtain such clear images of your teeth and jaw, they diagnose conditions such as tooth decay and oral cancer more accurately. This improvement in diagnostics helps treat a problem right away.

Safer for You

Another benefit is how quickly dentists obtain images. With the traditional, bite-wing option, a dental technician may spend 10-20 minutes taking X-rays of your entire mouth. With 3-D imaging, technicians have a clearer, more complete image in just one minute; less time means less exposure to potentially harmful radiation.

Option to Share Images

If you move, change insurance plans, or need to switch dentists for whatever reason, 3-D imaging makes transferring your records easier than ever. Because this information is stored on a computer, your current dentist can send them to your new dental office in a matter of minutes, rather than mailing or shipping printed X-rays.

For more information on how 3-D imaging is improving dental care, visit the Leidenheimer Dental Group website. To learn more about the services provided by Leidenheimer Dental Group, or to schedule an appointment with one of their dentists for dental implants, crowns, and other dental work, call (440) 324-3441 today.

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