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3 Things You Should Know About HI-5 Cans & Recycling January 12, 2018

Makakilo - Kapolei - Honokai Hale, Ewa
3 Things You Should Know About HI-5 Cans & Recycling, Ewa, Hawaii

Most residents of Hawaii know what HI-5 cans are, but if you’re scratching your head in confusion, don’t worry. Island Recycling Inc. in Kapolei has compiled some facts to help newcomers and others understand what this special recycling program is all about.

3 Facts About HI-5 Cans & Recycling

1. It’s a State-Run Program

HI-5 CansThe Hawai‘i Deposit Beverage Container Program (HI-5) is a state-funded program that offers 5 cents for qualified beverage containers returned to certified centers or agencies for recycling. It’s overseen by the County of Hawai‘i Department of Environmental Management Solid Waste Division & Recycling Section.

2. More Than Aluminum Cans Are Eligible

The HI-5 program includes glass, other metal, and plastic containers, too. Beverage containers must bear the HI-5 mark to be eligible and include tea, water, soft drinks, juice, coffee drinks, beer, malt beverages, mixed spirits, and wine cooler containers up to 68 fluid ounces. The HI-5 mark is typically found on the top of aluminum cans and the container label on plastic and glass bottles.

3. Refunds Are Based on Count or Weight

Staff at certified redemption centers must inspect each load of containers to verify their eligibility and quantity before issuing a refund to a customer. The Department of Health (DOH) rules state that if a customer has 200 containers or less, the redemption center must count the load if the customer requests it. If a customer has more than 200 containers, the redemption center can choose to either count or to weigh the load. The refund is then determined through a conversion rate set by the DOH. 

If you have HI-5 cans ready for recycling, empty your containers of liquid and debris and bring them to Island Recycling Inc., a certified redemption center in Kapolei. Call (808) 682-9200 or visit them online to verify which materials are accepted. As specialists in recycling, their staff will be happy to help you redeem as many of your items as possible.

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