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3 High School Classes That Will Prepare You for Cosmetology Courses October 29, 2017

Meeting House Hill, Boston
3 High School Classes That Will Prepare You for Cosmetology Courses, Boston, Massachusetts

For many people, the dream to become a cosmetologist begins in high school. If you’re already thinking about a career in the beauty industry, then you might also want to consider which high school classes will prepare you for upcoming cosmetology courses. This guide outlines three subjects you should study to ensure your success in beauty school.


Cosmetologists and aestheticians need to know about the body. When you pay attention in high school biology, you will be more familiar with human anatomy and bone structure as well as ingredients and sanitation practices that will keep clients healthy. This information will give you a head start in cosmetology courses related to skin care and facials, choosing a flattering hairstyle, and even salon best practices.


cosmetology courses Boston MATalent and skill are important, but they are not the only attributes that will determine your success as a cosmetologist. Clients will be more likely to come back if they like talking to you. Studying communications not only helps you speak and write effectively, but it can also help you listen closely and interpret what someone else is saying. Practice these skills in class and outside of school. Hold conversations during lunch and on weekends to improve your communication technique. After enough practice, your high school friends may want to be future clients and even recommend your services.


Art is one of the most important components of aesthetic school. Mastering color theory will prepare you for a wide range of cosmetology courses, whether you want to dye and style hair or become an innovative nail technician. Art class also teaches students to seek inspiration, which is crucial to your success as a cosmetologist. Clients want cutting-edge looks that highlight their best features—let them be your muse!


Jupiter Beauty Academy is an accredited institution in Boston, MA, offering rigorous nail and cosmetology courses to prepare students for licensing and exciting careers. If you’re ready to enroll, then visit their website for more information about their programs, or call at (617) 288-1811 to speak with an admissions representative.

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