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4 Reasons to Schedule Your Bathroom Remodel for Fall November 1, 2017

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4 Reasons to Schedule Your Bathroom Remodel for Fall, Clinton, Connecticut

Whether you want to raise the value of your home or make it more comfortable for your own family to live in, redoing your bathroom is a great place to start. If you have a bathroom remodel planned, this is the perfect time of year to do it. Fall offers a range of benefits for construction and remodeling projects that will help improve your outcomes—and may reduce your costs.

Top 4 Reasons Fall Is a Great Time for a Bathroom Remodel

No Working in the Heat

Bathroom RemodelWhen your construction crew is sweltering under the summer sun, they aren’t likely to be at peak performance. Fall offers milder temperatures that are easier to work in—which means the crew won’t tire out so fast.

Better Conditions for Painting

The temperature is especially important if you have any painting planned. If it’s too hot, cold, wet, or dry, the paint won’t bind properly, which means it will crack and peel more easily. Mild weather helps you avoid these problems.

Less Demand

In general, most homeowners schedule their bathroom remodels and other construction projects for the spring and summer. In the fall, they’re less busy. This means you’ll have an easier time setting a schedule which works for you—and you may even get a better price on the work.

No Heating/Cooling the Outdoors

When you’re working on your home, you may have to replace a window or move a wall. This opens your home to the outside air temperature. In summer and winter, extreme temperatures outside can have a dramatic effect on interior temperatures. But in the fall, the outside should be at a much more comfortable temperature, so you won’t have to run your heater or AC full-blast to combat it.

If you have a remodeling project in mind, schedule it for the fall. Milder temperatures and open contractor schedules make this the most convenient time of year for the work.


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