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3 Reasons to Always Wear a Seatbelt in a Taxi November 1, 2017

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3 Reasons to Always Wear a Seatbelt in a Taxi, Fairbanks North Star, Alaska

Wearing a seatbelt in a car has the ability to reduce the risk of a fatal injury by 40 to 50%, according to the National Highway Transportation Safety Association (NHTSA). However, most people don’t buckle up when they’re in a cab. There are several reasons why people may not feel it’s necessary to wear a seatbelt in a taxi, ranging from confidence in the professionalism of the driver to not wanting to go through the trouble of fishing out a seatbelt that’s buried deep in the seats. Here, Arctic Taxi of Fairbanks, AK, has provided some reasons why you should always wear your seatbelt in a cab.

Why You Should Wear a Seat Belt in a Taxi

1. Taxi Cabs Are Not Safer Than Cars

Just because taxis carry passengers for much of the day doesn’t mean they are any safer than private cars. Sitting in the back of a cab can be plenty dangerous. Many have partitions that separate the backseat passenger from the driver. If the driver slams on their breaks or gets into a fender bender, a seatbelt will stop you from slamming into the partition. Failure to wear one could result in serious facial injuries.

2. Professionals Are Not Accident-Proof

taxiTaxi drivers spend long hours behind the wheel, but that doesn’t mean they can’t get into accidents. Many people who ride in taxis assume the accident probability is lower than that of a normal driver. Even if the driver is safe, that doesn’t mean everyone else is on the road. While your taxi driver could do everything right, you could end up seriously injured if another car hits the cab and you’re not wearing your seatbelt.

3. Accidents Can Happen Anytime, Anywhere

You may think taking a short cab ride just a couple of minutes means there’s little chance anything will happen, but accidents can occur anytime and anywhere. This is true even if it’s just a quick trip down the road. Adding to this uncertainty is your reliance on someone else to react well and prevent as much damage as possible. For these reasons, it’s best to wear your seatbelt in a taxi. 

If you’re looking for a safe ride with working seatbelts and professional drivers, Arctic Taxi is a 24-hour service for the Fairbanks area. For more information, call (907) 455-0000, or visit their website.

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