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Why It’s Worth Getting a Misdemeanor Attorney November 9, 2017

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Why It’s Worth Getting a Misdemeanor Attorney, Brockport, New York

Did you know that convictions for misdemeanor crimes have consequences that go far beyond a fine and general inconvenience? At Larry R. Koss Law Firm in Brockport, NY, this dedicated misdemeanor attorney wants those facing charges to avoid convictions that can put their jobs at risk. The ones explained below jeopardize an accused person’s current employment and future career opportunities.  

Misdemeanor Attorney Discusses Cases That Can Affect Employment

DUI & Drug Possession

Convictions for DUI or misdemeanor drug possession—including marijuana—result in driver’s license suspensions. A suspended driver’s license can keep you from getting hired for or keeping jobs that require driving, such as delivery or transportation services. Employment with insurance companies often requires a clean driving and drug record, as well as no convictions within a certain period.

Shoplifting & Theft

misdemeanor attorneyMisdemeanor shoplifting or other theft convictions can affect your ability to obtain employment when the conviction is tied to job performance. Employers such as banks and retail stores may be reluctant to hire people convicted of theft to work in positions requiring trust with finances.   

Crimes Against Persons

New York law prohibits people convicted of misdemeanor offenses including sexual offenses, stalking, child endangerment, and domestic violence from obtaining licenses for or possessing handguns. Misdemeanor attorneys know that such convictions can prevent you from obtaining employment with security companies, law enforcement agencies, educational institutions, hospitals, and personal care facilities.     

Larry R. Koss Law Firm provides zealous and effective representation in a wide variety of criminal cases backed by more than 40 years of misdemeanor attorney experience. If you face misdemeanor charges, don’t risk your job or future career opportunities by going to court without a skilled misdemeanor attorney. Contact Larry R. Koss Law Firm in Brockport, NY, for the representation you need. Call (585) 637-3961 to schedule an appointment at this dynamic criminal law firm and visit their website for more information about their practice.

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