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Tips for Parents on Your Child's Test Prep November 2, 2017

Cambrian Park, Santa Clara County
Tips for Parents on Your Child's Test Prep, Cambrian Park, California

Standardized tests are becoming more and more important. The outcome of these tests has an impact on everything from the school’s funding status to your own child’s college prospects, which puts an immense amount of pressure on every student. Fortunately, a little test prep will help alleviate the anxiety that could bring your child’s test scores down.

3 Test Prep Tips for Your Student

1. Understand the Test

Whether your child is taking a state-mandated test of academic progress or sitting for the SAT, adequate preparation depends on understanding the purpose of the test and what it’s designed to measure. Reviewing any materials your student’s teacher sends home will help you decide how to prepare.

2. Review Challenging Subjects

Many students prefer to avoid subjects they find difficult, but these are precisely where you should spend your practice time. For instance, if your student’s math grades are generally lower than reading and writing scores, go over the material where they have the most difficulty. Not only will they develop new skills, but they’ll also gain a sense of mastery that will help them relax on test day.

3. Hire a Tutor

A private tutor with test prep experience will help identify those areas in which your child needs help and provide the support they need to succeed. Many private tutoring services have the educational background to clear up confusion and unlock your child’s true academic potential. This is especially true of high-stakes tests like the SAT or ACT, which are important factors with the college admissions process.


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