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Plumbing Repair Safety Tips Every Homeowner Should Know November 1, 2017

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Plumbing Repair Safety Tips Every Homeowner Should Know, Albany, Oregon

When minor plumbing problems arise in your home, you may be able to tackle the job yourself. Before you do, however, it is important to understand a few basic safety tips. This will ensure you remain safe throughout the plumbing repair process. To help, American Rooter Sewer & Septic Service, a licensed plumbing company in Albany, OR, has shared their advice below.

Top 5 Tips for Plumbing Repair Safety

1. Protect Your Eyes

Your eyes are very delicate. They are also put in close proximity to the plumbing repair site. As such, you need to keep them shielded at all times. This includes wearing proper glasses made for use on a job site. These glasses cover not only the front of your eyes, but the sides as well, preventing debris from harming you at any angle. You may purchase this equipment at a local hardware store.

2. Heed the Signs

To stay safe from unseen dangers, it is imperative you understand certain warning signs. For example, take note of the smell and taste of the air. Scents of gas should never be ignored. If you notice these odors while working, immediately stop, shut off the gas, and call a plumber and gas company. Even the smallest leak could be deadly, so quick action is key. 

3. Keep Hands Clean

plumbing repairWhen dealing with a sewage system, you may encounter toxic, bacteria-filled chemicals and substances. Always keep your hands gloved during the repair. Some chemicals can burn or irritate the flesh. Others, if they get into the bloodstream, can make you ill. Latex gloves that are free of rips or holes are a simple way to protect your skin against harsh substances.

4. Be Focused

Any kind of plumbing repair job should always be performed with a clear and uninhibited mind. This means abstaining from alcohol or certain medications before and during the project. Take into consideration the side effects of your prescriptions, as well. Anything that makes you drowsy or unfocused should be ingested afterward. 

5. Use the Buddy System

In the case of plumbing repair, two heads are always better than one. This gives you a second opinion, perspective, and additional knowledge you may not have alone. Likewise, a friend will give you an extra pair of hands, meaning you can get more done faster. If things were to go wrong, having someone there with you can be the difference between a minor injury and a more serious one.

Minor drain clogs and pumping problems may be handled by the homeowner. However, always engage in protective measures to ensure a safe job. If you are uncomfortable with the required repair, always call a professional plumber. Those in Albany, OR, can trust American Sewer & Septic Service for top-quality assistance. For more information, visit their website, and call (541) 926-1185 to schedule plumbing repairs today.

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